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Vehicle crash warning

Benewake’s forward collision warning system(FCWS) is a kind of smart devices installed in the front of vehicle to detect obstacles that may cause collision. This system was based on Benewake’s long range single-point LiDAR. Its warning range can reach 350 meters, and its response time can be shorten to millisecond. Also this system can be carried by almost all kinds of vehicle. High performance, low cost and easy to install make this system a perfect choice for your solutions.

This system is composed of a Benewake long range single-point LiDAR, different type can be chosen with different solution (the default type is TF03-180), and a control panel. TF03-180 or TF350 is installed in front of vehicle in a horizontal position to detect the presence of obstacles within a certain range. When an obstacle is detected, LiDAR will detect the precise distance from vehicle to the obstacle. The control panel will collect and parse the data detected by LiDAR, and warn the drivers about the presence of obstacle. The alarm form can be customized. 

1. Forward or backward collision warning
2. Speed limit warning

1. Long warning range. Maximum 350 meters 
2. Super response rate, millisecond level 
3. High level of integration, low cost
4. Work at night