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Traffic Statistics

In order to ensure the normal operation of the traffic management system and provide accurate and reliable traffic flow data, Benewake launched a traffic flow statistics solution based on single-point lidar. The program can detect traffic flow, headway, vehicle speed, vehicle height, vehicle length and other information. This solution can be integrated in highway, urban road monitoring system or signal control system. This solution can provide real-time road traffic flow information to the road signal control system, and the system optimizes the timing of signal lights, such as full induction control, semi-induction control, induction coordinated control, and adaptive control.

detect traffic flow, headway, vehicle speed, vehicle height, vehicle length and other information


1. Traffic statistics accuracy rate>99%
2. Based on optical ranging. The solution will not be interfered by the 3G, 4G wireless signal and Wifi wireless signal of the intersection communication operator, and has strong anti-interference ability and stable performance
3. Strong environmental adaptability. Stable measurement under strong ambient light and night environment, no need to add auxiliary equipment (such as light source)
4. Based on high frame rate lidar, suitable for high-speed scenes, the maximum detection speed is 150km/h
5. Non-contact detection avoids the high failure rate caused by frequent vehicle rolling and low after-sales cost
6. Easy to install, no need to damage the road


Traffic statistics
The measurement module of this scheme consists of two Benewake single-point lidars. According to the lidar measurement data, determine the state of the vehicle and count the traffic flow in real time. At the same time, the vehicle speed can be calculated by recording the trigger time of two lidars