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Vehicle Identification

In recent years, with the development of the smart city concept, the need for vehicle identification is growing stronger in ITS(Intelligent Transportation System). Benewake’s long range LiDAR, TF03-100/TF03-180, combining with the self-developed vehicle identification algorithm, can fix this need perfectly with high accuracy and low cost.

This solution consists of three parts:2 single-points LiDAR, control board and basic structural components. The two LiDARs  are installed with a 40° angle, one straight down and downward sloping. The control board will collect the data from LiDARs, process the data with integrated algorithm and output the identification result. Identification result can be showed on the LED screen or transmit to the client’s main system with various transmission mode(customizable).


All normal type of vehicle identification
Traffic statistics
Speedometer & vehicle length measurement
ETC triggering
All normal type of vehicle supported, up to 95% identification accuracy
Various roads supported. Highway、tollgate、urban road 
High level of integration
Strong expandability