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Robot Obstacle Avoidance

Robots have been everywhere in our daily life, industrial robots, service robots, inspection robots, epidemic robots and so on, they do bring convenience to our lives. If the robot cannot perceive and measure the environment quickly and accurately in the process of moving, the robot will collide with obstacles or people, causing economic losses or personal safety accidents.

Benewake’s single point solid state LiDAR has independent intellectual property rights, Based on TOF, TF series lidar can achieve fast, precise and stable distance measurement, help the robot quickly and accurately identify the surrounding objects. They can be integrated into the robot, which can provide real-time distance information for the robot, help the robot quickly and accurately identify the objects around and realize obstacle avoidance.

Features & Benefits:
1. Better ranging performance
2. Small size, easy to be embedded into the robot
3. High frequency, can adapt to various running speeds
4. High ranging performance, high energy redundancy, can adapt to various installation angles
5. Low cost, a variety of models available
6. UART, IIC and IO interfaces are available

The TF series lidar can be integrated in front or around the robot. The installation height can be adjusted according to the robot shape and scene requirements, it’s usually greater than 10cm. The lidar will provide real-time distance information for the MCU of robot. In the MCU, the warning range can be set in advance. In the safe range, the robot can move autonomously. In the warning range, the MCU will control the robot to conduct deceleration, steering and other operations to avoid collision between the robot and obstacles.