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Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System(CVIS)

The commercial use of 5G, Autonomous Driving, IoT are becoming more and more popular andcommon. CVIS will become a new and major form of transportation in the future. LiDAR can not only intelligentize vehicles, but also provide information of real-time vehicles, roads, traffic status as a roadside sensing device to construct a more secure and complete vehicle road collaborative sensing environment.

3D LiDAR can be set up at the intersection, on both sides of the road, real-time monitors all traffic participants on the road. The long-distance, high-precision, high-resolution system hardware combined with intelligent algorithm can obtain real-time vehicle position, speed, attributes, multi-target trajectory tracking, abnormal target, and other data in a large area all-weather. It provides decision-making data for users on the Internet, effectively responds to the instantaneous change of road conditions, and realizes the real intelligent transportation network.

Function Description
1. Traffic participant detection (instant location, speed, queuing)
2. Classification recognition (vehicle and person identification, vehicle type identification, abnormal vehicle)
3. Vehicle dynamic trajectory
4. Combining of LiDAR Point Cloud and video

Product Highlights
1. Combining LiDAR Hardware + Intelligent Algorithm
2. Covering multiple lanes, the detection range can up to 200m, and vehicle information collection can be realized
3. Support tracking and detection for bidirectional multi lane and multi-target
4. Support Point Cloud target location and velocity information and video image overlay