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Liquid Level Detection

The multi-target fixed-height Radar is a cost-effective civil-level linear frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) modulation mode radar. It can accurately measure the distance between the radar and obstacles or the ground and water surface within the measurement range, which can meet hydrological monitoring, liquid level measurement and other application requirements in many fields.

RDS01 radar adopts linear FMCW mode with high robustness and high measurement accuracy, and its principle has considerable superiority, making it suitable for various complex working environments: hydrological detection in river, lake, channel and other application scenarios. More robust in abnormal situations and complex environments, the RDS01 radar has better penetration of smoke, dust, rain and snow, is less affected by weather, and has high stability. And with low power consumption and maintenance-free design, it can work around the clock and can save cost to the maximum extent.

Product advantages

1、Ultra-high precision, millimeter level
2、Outdoor use, not to worry about strong light
3、Long service life, low maintenance costs
4、Strong anti-interference ability, not constrained by the environment

Application scenarios

Dam and reservoir water-level detection, lake and sea level detection, river level detection, rainfall level detection, canned liquid level detection, well water level detection, etc.