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Vehicle Crash Warning

In the road traffic safety related regulations and vehicle active safety equipment technology upgrades and iterations of the two-way drive, Benewake developed a vehicle collision intelligent warning device, which can be used for vehicle forward collision prevention, but also with the brake system, in advance to avoid collisions, to provide safety to the drivers while driving.

Benewake vehicle collision prevention intelligent warning device consists of a single point long-range LiDAR and the main control board (according to different needs, a variety of micro-controllers can be selected). The LiDAR is installed in front of the vehicle, and due to its small size it can be integrated in the vehicle cooling grille or near the license plate through embedded installation. The main control board collects and analyzes the LiDAR data and alerts the driver according to the set threshold, reminding the driver that the distance between  vehicle and obstacle in front has been less than the safe distance.

The longest range of the device can reach 350 meters, millisecond response speed, easy to install, simple operation, can be mounted on all kinds of vehicles, such as engineering vehicles, transportation vehicles, special vehicles and private passenger vehicles. It can identify and judge a variety of potentially dangerous situations, and help drivers to reduce the speed and avoid collisions through different audible and visual alerts.

Product advantages

1. Ultra-high frame rate, up to 10KHz, to ensure the detection of other vehicles without missing
2. Excellent stability, all-weather real-time monitoring
3. IP67 high protection level, long life, low cost and better performance
4. Compact size, easy to install; multiple interfaces, adaptable to a variety of devices"