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Product after-sales service policy

1. After-sales service standards(Warranty)

The default is 1 year warranty.

2. The determination standard of warranty time 

1)Company direct salesTo calculate the warranty period from the date of sale (subject to the

time of receipt), the following formula can be used

Warranty period = from the date of sale + warranty period of 1 year

2)Company to agentFrom the date of sale (subject to the time of receipt), the warranty period

is extended by 1 month as the channel circulation time (2 months for overseas agents), namely

Warranty period = Calculated from the date of sale + warranty period of 1 year + 1 month of

channel circulation time (2 months for overseas agents)

3)Agent to consumer 

A. With proof of purchase;

B. Identification by the date of sale

C. If there is no proof of purchase or date of sale, the warranty period is calculated based on

the date of sale to the agent.

3. After-sales service guarantee scope

4. Non-service guarantee scope

In one of the following situations, it belongs to the non-warranty range (the following failures caused

by the non-warranty range will be charged according to the standard set by the company, regardless Benewake (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

of the warranty period)

1) Non-Benewake parts or spare parts replaced by the user. The spare parts (such as shells, wires, etc.)

have not been purchased from Benewake or designated sellers of Benewake;

2) Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, operation, or usage in a working environment

not specified by the product manual and data-sheet (for example, the temperature is too high, too

low, too humid or dry, the altitude is too high, the voltage or current is unstable, etc.);

3) Damage caused by accidents, misuse (including overwork load, etc.);

4) Damage caused by improper storage (such as rodent damage, liquid infiltration, etc.);

5) Failure or damage caused by unauthorized disassembly and repair or unauthorized modification;

6) Damage caused by repairs performed by a repair center not authorized by Benewake;

7) Unable to communicate or use due to non-standard misconfiguration or forgetting the content of

the configuration (for example, 485 communication products set a lower baud rate without first

calculating the bandwidth or forgot configuration parameters after configuring LiDAR, for

example forgot IP address, CAN ID, and baud-rate etc.);

8) Equipment damage caused by human factors is not covered by the warranty;