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Benewake Won the Champion of 2016 Audi Innovation Lab


2016 Audi Innovation Lab Competition was rounded off on October 22, 2016. Focusing on “Digitalization+”, “Vehicle•Life”, “A.I. Application” related to the automobile field, the Competition stirred the blood of startups community. Through fierce competition, PhD. Li Yuan, CEO of Benewake, finally won the champion of “A.I. Application” with “Benewake LiDAR”.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) draws 3D high-precision map through measuring the “point cloud” of space, to complete automatic drive after spatial modeling. It’s used as the “eyes” of driverless cars to help realize environment identification, automatic obstacle avoidance and simultaneous localization and mapping, etc. At present, LiDAR used in the driverless cars of Google and Baidu is a multi-ray one developed by an American company and priced at USD80,000. If LiDAR, the core technology of driverless car, continues to maintain a high price, it will be impossible for driverless cars to realize mass production. 

Benewake has been committed to building the costly LiDAR into core component necessary for commercial products. At present, Benewake has successfully developed ToF-based IR environmental perception LiDAR - DE-LiDAR series, to reduce the selling price of low-version LiDAR to several hundred yuan, and realize mass production. Benewake believes that solid state LiDAR is the trend for future driverless cars. Due to small volume, it could be better built into the interior of vehicle body. Moreover since there isnot any mechanical component, its life and stability are superior to those of mechanical LiDAR. At present, Benewake has successfully developed small solid state array LiDAR SD20, which can be used in forward obstacle avoidance, drone altitude holding, complex terrain following and other fields. It will officially launch DE3.0 Product in 2017 - HD RGBDM solid state LiDAR, which could produce HD depth + color + material information to meet requirements of fast-growing drones, robots and driverless cars.

If you are interested in SD20, please contact us for more details. Email box: bw@benewake.com, Tel.: 010-57456983.