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Boost Productivity with a faster and smarter ranging sensor


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known in some circles as Industry 4.0 or enterprise IoT, are reshaping the traditional industry in a revolutionary way. The influences include reducing cost of production, improving processes, driving better-informed decisions, and leading to operational efficiencies.


In this article, we are trying to investigate what role smartsensors play in IIoT, and how can it boost the production and driving better decision by collecting data.

Picture 1: How IIoT System connect the physical and digital production scenarios

Source: Deloitte University Press

ToF(time of flight) LiDAR is more stable and reliable in industrial environment.  Detection result accuracy is not affected by industrial noise and electromagnetic interference.

Speed control in conveyor band

LiDAR as level sensor integrated over the conveyor band, can measure the volume of the goods like powder or coal, then adjust the band speed based on the height of the goods.

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Industrial Security

Collision avoidance forspecial vehicle and robot

3D LiDAR sensor can be integrated in AGV and special autonomous vehicles like mine trolley and weeding robot for collisionavoidance.

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Collision Avoidance for Construction Site

Tower Crane with Benewake LiDAR sensor can send safety pre-warming to the driver by ranging the distance between the building/obstacle and the crane lifting hook.

Perimeter Security for selected zone

The advantagesof using LiDAR for perimeter security are high accuracy of intruder identification and tracking, and low false-alarm rate. If a worker intrudes the machine operating zone, the warning will be send to the worker or the central console, or even trigger the order to stop the working machine in real time to prevent the potential injury to the worker.

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Logistics and Supply Chain

Drone Obstacle Avoidance and Altitude Holding

Benewake LiDAR installed in different positions of drone can provide the distance from sensor to ground/obstacle/target in real time. Therefore, the drone could adjust its altitude to achieve different goals such as plant protection, wind turbine inspection.

Fleet Management

Installed over the fleet parking gate, by detecting the height shift between ground and vehicles, Benewake LiDAR can do vehicle counting. It can also recognize vehicle type and count the number of selected type vehicles, like monitoring truck/bus fleet.

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Human-Machine Collaboration

One CE30-C is installed in the front of smart sorting robot to assist the visual equipment to locate and follow the worker. TFmini Plus can be integrated in supply chain to assist lifting or loading by detecting the height of goods in forklift or assembly line.

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Data Collecting
Data is the new oil, Clive Humby said it in 2006. LiDAR has benefits of compact size, small power consumption, small data size and privacy protection. Those characters make it the perfect sensor in IoT area. It can be used for traffic flow statistics, not only for vehicles, but for human traffic in shopping centers, theme parks, factories and construction sites.

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