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Newly invented perimeter security solutions


Perimeter protection aims to protect the safety of life and property in a certain area. Usually we use electronic fences or fences to protect the periphery of buildings. In order to monitor the intrusion of people or things in real time and trigger the alarm, cameras and other sensors will also be added for monitoring.

 perimeter security solutions

However, there are various perimeter protection solutions in the market. How can we find a more reasonable one to match the needs of customers with accurate monitoring? The case introduced below comes from the building boundary security scenarios, combining LiDAR sensor with camera sensor.


perimeter security solutions

Obtain all ranges of perimeter, and then install one Benewke TF350 LiDAR sensor each 350m. TF350 LiDAR, as a laser range finder, is used with surveillance camera to detect whether there is intrusion. After finding the intruder, TF350 can detect the specific location (Range from 0.1-350m) of the intruder, and trigger the camera to rotate the monitoring image to the corresponding location. The camera obtain the clear figure of the intruder, and trigger the alarm at the same time.



1. LiDAR can assist the camera to accurately locate and capture, so as to prevent the camera from wasting a lot of photos and storage.

2. LiDAR’s range is long and frequency is high, it can immediately capture very fast or very slow intruder. Performance is more stable than any other sensors.

3. TF350 LiDAR can also be used in bad weather because of multiple echo and penetration algorithm. Low rate of false alarm than other sensors.

4. Only use LiDAR and ordinary camera without secondary development.

5. Collimation good with small angle. Detection range is suitable for perimeter protection.


*TF350 key parameters:

Range: 0.1-350m

Accuracy: ±10cm(within 10m),1%(more than 10m)

Frequency: 1Hz-1000Hz adjustableDefault 100Hz)

FoV: 0.35°

Supply Voltage: DC 5V(≥180mA)

Power consumption: ≤0.9W

Communication: 3.3V

Protection: IP67


The solution is more time-saving and labor-saving. It can accurately and quickly protect the safety of industrial buildings, private houses, infrastructure and other property and life. In the future, perimeter security will ask for more demands. We believe scientific solutions can lead you to stand out in the market.


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