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Exhibit Preview | Benewake’s Top 3 Must-See at CES2020


The CES2020 (International Consumer Electronics Show) will be hold at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Jan 7th to Jan 10th, 2020. Benewake will also be at CES again this year as a LiDAR sensors manufacturer and solution provider, unveiling its latest LiDAR technology to the world. The display will include a demonstration of an entire solution , enabling the visitors to entirely “interact with LiDAR technology”. 

Must-See 1: LiVE 3D LiDAR Light Show

Image 1: Horn-X1 Actual 3D Point Cloud Image

The Long-range 3D LiDAR Horn-X, which was launched at CES last year, will be succeeded by its updated version Horn-X1. With its excellent accuracy, and stability, LiDAR has long been well-known within the field of self-driving cars. Benewake Horn-X1  is categrized with wide FOV, reliable enclosure with IP67 and a high resolution better than 0.1°.The effect range of 200m makes it ideal for long distance detection and surrounding sensing.

Horn-X1, the updated version of the Long-range 3D LiDAR Horn-X, will be present at CES 2020 with a live demonstration. Apart from Autonomous Driving, Benewake will share the application on Rail Transport, Airport and Aviation, shipping and port, security and surveillence, as a delication to push traditional sectors towards intelligence.

Must-See 2 Intelligent Transportation Solution Demonstration Zone
Image 2: Screen Demo of Intelligent Transportation Scenario

Intelligent Transportation is a crucial part of Benewake’s LiDAR sensor solution plan. In order to meet the requirements  on  various environments and interfaces, Benewake has incorporated a in-house algorithm for rain and fog (so as to decrease the impact that rain, snow, fog and mist may have on the detection) and provided a multiple-interface option. At the exhibition, Benewake will set up an “Intelligent Transportation Solution Demonstration Zone”, to present a vivid demonstration on how LiDAR sensors achieve traffic counting, space detection, parking space detection etc. By LiDAR detection and data real-time transmision, will improve the accuracy and efficiency, as well as reduce cost.

Must-See 3 Level Measurement Detection  Happy Hour Zone
Image 3 Happy Hour Zone Screen Demo

In order to enable a better interactive experience for the visitors, Benewake will provide a Happy Hour Experience Zone for the very first time at CES2020,  with a  silo  filled with “sweet candies”. 
The visitors will be invited to take the “candies”, meanwhile the screen will display the amount of remaining “candies”, as calculated by Benewake’s LiDAR Sensor. The real-time data of remaining candies can not only be read on screen, but also give replenishment warnings. It is conceivable that, with the rapid development of automatization, an advanced and integrated LiDAR sensor will allow users to free themselves from repetitive chores and work more flexibly. 

New Product

At CES 2020, Benewake will launch the first LiDAR Sensor that truely targets the consumer market. The new LiDAR sensor not only inherited the small size and low power consumption of the TFmini, but also made a further improvement with its affordability, outstanding detection capabilities, excellent stability, high accuracy and sensitivity. Besieds distance measurement and obstacle avoidance, it can be integrated into various smart devices.