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Using Smart Sensor to realize Smart Waste Management and Better Business




According to the 2019 annual report on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste in China's large and medium-sized cities published by the Ministry of ecological environment, in 2018, the output of domestic waste in 200 large and medium-sized cities in China was 211473000 tons, the disposal volume was 210.289 million tons, and the disposal rate reached 99.4%. With the increase of garbage quantity, there are more and more problems of garbage collection, transportation, treatment and disposal. At this time, smart waste management is particularly important.

A major way Smart Waste Management has been impacted by technology is route optimization through smart sensor.


How does smart waste management work?

1. LiDAR Level Sensors detect the remaining waste

2. Data Management System get the level of Waste Bins

3. Marked the Full Waste Bins need to be collected

4. Vehicles only collect full or overdue Waste Bins




A special cases from Chinese second largest Sci-Tech Park. After take the Automated Waste Collection System, the waste bins have LiDAR Sensors that notify waste collection when the bin is full and ready to be serviced. Their operational efficiency upwards of 95%. The data allows the operator to adjust the allocation of staffing in peak times area or increase waste bins capacity where needed. Apart from the Sci-Tech Park, waste management is almost indispensable for any part of life.


Where should be used by Waste Management?



How to choose the Proper Smart Sensor for Waste Management?


1. Identify black garbage precisely. 2-8meters

2. Low power consumption < 0.35w, supporting battery power supply

3. Less than the weight of 1 Cent Europe coin, easy to install and integrate

4. 100Hz High frequency detect fast moving target.

5. 2° Field of view, avoided misjudgment of Waste Bins’ edge

6. Plug and play, consumer price

7. Support failure alarm mode

8. Eye Safety

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Benewake has launched a new TF-Luna LiDAR Sensor. This distance sensor installed on top of the waste bin, can be used to detect the level of the garbage inside. The garbage transport vehicles can make use of the prediction and analysis according to the garbage allowance to ensure that they can formulate strategies in advance. In this way, the company will save labor and transportation costs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the overall cleanliness of garbage cans in densely populated areas.



TF-Luna has better performance than traditional infrared and ultrasonic sensors. The price is very impressive now. Contact us now, you can get the internal test price!


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