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China Daily Reports that Benewake LiDAR Helps Intelligentize Public Toilets


Last week, “China Daily” reported on an article about Benewake LiDAR helping the intelligentization of public toilets in "Urumchi Diwopu International Airport". Smart toilet is an intelligent detection and control system that realizes several functions, such as toilet traffic, environment monitoring, energy consumption and equipment management, remote operation and maintenance, etc., relying on sensor based IoT technology. It can provide better, efficient, convenient and comfortable services for toilet users.

In order to save time for passengers to use the toilet and reduce congestion in public toilets, some time ago, "Urumchi Diwopu International Airport" in China adopted Benewake LiDAR (TF-Luna). The use of TF-Luna can detect the toilet traffic and remaining squatting space. Both data can be displayed on the screen outside the toilet. This system solution not only relieves the congestion of public toilets, but also saves the time for users to select toilets, and plays a significant role in improving the utilization rate of public toilets and passenger satisfaction.

TF-Luna is essential for a new generation of data-driven enterprises, which can expand the application of LiDAR from the industrial field to consumer-level fields such as smart cities and smart sanitation.


Figure 1: Display screen at the door of public toilet


Figure 2: Toilet status


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