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With the increasing number of vehicles in urban areas, the traffic pressure on urban roads has become increasingly high. Traffic management departments across the country are also seeking new technological solutions to alleviate road traffic pressure and improve traffic efficiency. With its strong and stable performance, Benewake LiDAR can be used for vehicle flow and speed detection on various types of roads, assisting in upgrading road traffic control systems and effectively improving road traffic efficiency.


The measurement module of this solution consists of two Benewake single-point LiDARs. Based on the LiDAR measurement data, the passing state of vehicles is determined and real-time traffic flow information is calculated. At the same time, the vehicle speed can be calculated by recording the trigger time of the two LiDARs.


Solution Advantage

1. The accuracy of traffic flow statistics is over 99%.

2. Optical detection is not affected by 3G/4G wireless signals or Wi-Fi signals from communication operators at intersections, with strong anti-interference ability and stable performance.

3. It has strong environmental adaptability and can measure stably in strong ambient light and at night without additional equipment (such as a light source).

4. With high-frequency detection, it is suitable for high-speed scenes, and can detect vehicle speeds up to 150 km/h.

5. Non-contact detection avoids high failure rates caused by frequent vehicle crushing and has low after-sales costs.

6. It is easy to install and does not require damaging the road surface.

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