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In the three-dimensional warehouse, there are multiple shuttle cars running on the track, running at a high speed, in order to avoid mutual collision, accidents and improve the efficiency of warehouse operation. Benewake single-point LiDARs in the four directions of shuttle car can be installed, to perform detection in four directions, real-time monitoring of obstacles in each direction or the distance to vehicle in front, in the event of a sudden obstacle or stop running other vehicles LiDAR can feedback distance information in real-time, so that the system can timely control shuttle car deceleration or emergency stop.


Solution advantages

1.High measurement frequency, standard 100Hz, configurable up to 1000Hz, rapid response, suitable for higher operating speed.

2.Small FoV, accurate distance measurement, small size, easy to integrate into the vehicle body.

3.Highly cost effective, and high range performance.

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