Tradational perimeter security achieves protection goal by laying out barbed wires and electricity grids, which is complex and costly to construct. Instead, perimeter security solutions  provided by LiDAR are simple to set up, cost effective and reliable, helping to revolutionise the perimeter security industry.


1. Long-distance intrusion detection

LiDAR provide all-time detection at any point of the whole course. 

2. Locating intrusion

Once there is a threatening intrusion, the system can locate the occurrence point with the distance information detected by LiDAR in real time, making it easy for security personal to take effective measures to the intruder precisely and timely.

3. Linkage with other monitoring system (sound and light alarm)


Solution Advantages 

1. It's small in size, light in weight, and has excellent reliability and stability.

2. Maximum range up to 350m.

3. High measurement speed, feedback timly, with the fastest response time of 1ms.

4. Accurate and reliable, within a 10cm distance tolerance.

5. As passive device, its power consumption is very low, which will greatly lower the system’s cost.

6. LiDAR can resist electromagnetic interference and corrosion, making it able to work in hostile chemical and field environments.

7. It's nonradiative, without flammable and explosive materials.

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