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LIDAR, a new type of ranging technology, is gradually entering the intelligent transportation industry, since China is vigorously implementing infrastructure and Smart City. With its powerful ranging performance and excellent reliability, Benewake LiDAR has assisted many places to implement intelligent transportation projects, such as parking space detection, camera triggering, traffic flow detection, etc.

Smart transportation
Scheme Introduction
Benewake LiDAR has been deeply involved in the construction of "Smart Highways" scenarios in 10+ provinces and 20+ cities domestically and internationally. It is applied in various scenarios such as vehicle-road coordination, monitoring of highway sections, intersection perception, vehicle height restriction detection, tunnels, and many others, providing a completely new perspective and method of perception. Compared to traditional perception methods, Benewake LiDAR combines advantages such as imaging capability, all-weather operation, and multidimensionality, allowing for accurate identification of target positions. Through LiDAR, functionalities such as target positioning, information recognition, and multidimensional perception in roadside scenarios are realized. Simultaneously, the data is transmitted to the cloud, where it assists cloud-based systems in achieving unified control, ultimately enhancing the intelligence level of both vehicles and roads to ensure safe driving.
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Traffic Flow Detection
Scheme Introduction
With the increasing number of vehicles in urban areas, the traffic pressure on urban roads has become increasingly high. Traffic management departments across the country are also seeking new technological solutions to alleviate road traffic pressure and improve traffic efficiency. With its strong and stable performance, Benewake LiDAR can be used for vehicle flow and speed detection on various types of roads, assisting in upgrading road traffic control systems and effectively improving road traffic efficiency.
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