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There are many compartments in automated agricultural machinery. LiDAR can be used to monitor crop overflow in real-time, reducing manual input and improving operational safety.


Solution Advantages

1. Performance: The product adopts NIR, small beam divergence, the maximum FoV is only 3°, which avoids multi-echo interference; small size, light weight, and easy integration and installation;

2. Power consumption: the power consumption is lower than 100mW in low power consumption mode, and the standby power consumption in ultra-low power consumption mode is lower than 10mW; it is powered by battery, and the frequency of battery replacement is low, reducing manpower input;

3. Dust removal: TF02-Pro-W has its own dust removal components, and some products can be equipped with optional dust removal accessories, which do not require manual cleaning. The lifetime of dust removal accessories at room temperature is no less than 80,000 cycles, solving the problem of material hanging in material level detection.

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