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In the warehouse where the forklift is operating, staff or various obstacles will be encountered. If the distance between the forks and the obstacle is not effectively sensed, collisions and other accidents will occur, resulting in equipment damage and personal injury.

At present, most forklifts use photoelectric switches on the forks, which can only provide the forklift with information about the presence/absence of obstacles, and cannot output accurate distance information. The operation of the forklift can only perform simple braking operations, and can not be based on obstacles. The distance controls the braking speed and the operation efficiency is low.

Using the TF series single-point LiDAR, it can output distance information for the forklift at high speed and accuracy. The forklift can set different deceleration zones according to the distance data to improve the operating efficiency of the forklift.



Inside the forks, install the TF series single-point LiDAR to detect obstacles forward.

The TF series single-point LiDAR detects obstacles in front of the forks in real time and provides real-time distance information for the forklift. When an obstacle or a person appears within the warning range in front of the forks, the forklift will take measures to decelerate or apply brakes based on the distance information, to avoid accidents when encountering obstacles. Customers can set different deceleration ranges for the forklift according to the operating speed of the forklift. For example, there is no need to decelerate within 5m-10m, slow deceleration within 2m-5m, and sudden braking within 2m, which can effectively improve the operating efficiency of the forklift.


Benewake LiDAR advantages:

1. Distance information available

2. High accuracy

3. Long range performance

4. Highly stable

5. Small size and easy to be installed

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