Benewake TF-Luna LiDAR Modual is used to detect the occupation of public toilets and the statistics of human flow. In terms of intelligent detection function, the public area of public toilets is equipped with an interactive display. The display can allow toilet personnel and managers to intuitively see the use of various toilet spaces for men and women, the use of the third toilet and mother and child rooms, the total passenger flow of smart public toilets, air quality, water, and electricity consumption and other relevant information. It is convenient for the public to understand the overall environment of public toilets, and managers can also temporarily monitor the cleaning of public toilets.


Solution Advantages:

1. Technical advantage: tiny volume and Light weight ; high accuracy and frequency.

2. Implementation advantage: low power consumption (<0.35W), support battery-powered long-lasting use. 

3. Competitive advantage: long recognition distance for black objects, adapted to various height toilet installation distances. 

4. Price advantage: consumer price.

Application Advantages:

1. No need for additional modification;

2. Accurate detection, error-free alarm;

3. Installation distance is not limited;

4. Accurate recognition of black objects;

5. Unbreakable.

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