Pedestrian flow in public areas such as malls, office buildings and schools increase with the advancement of the society and population rise. Evacuation will be difficult in event of incident such as fire and earthquake. To make things worse, post-incident rescue is challenging due to limited rescue resources. Reasonably distributing these resources is an issue to be urgently addressed. In this end, real-time understanding of population distribution in public areas is the necessary means and an effective measure for reasonable allocation of resources.

Benewake solid-state LiDAR can be installed in areas requiring detection of pedestrian flow. It can effectively count flow in the areas.

To install the TF-Luna above the door and detect vertically downwards. When a person enters the detection area, the distance value will change, and the number of people will be output. Every time this happens, the number of people will increase by 1, the number of people will be output, and the height will be calculated. 


Solution Advantages

1.Technical advantages: high precision, small FoV, stable and reliable distance measurement, high refresh rate, sensitive detection of dynamic crowds.

2.Implementation advantages: small size, easy installation.

3.Price advantage: consumer-grade price.

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