This solution applies LiDAR to control the opening and closing of automatic doors, especially in office areas, shopping malls or factories where there is a lot of traffic. The use of wall buttons or pushing doors is inconvenient, therefore automated door opening solutions are needed to reduce crowding and improve accessibility.

The Application in Benewake's Office


Trigger Scheme of Roller Shutte Switch LiDAR

Install a single-point LiDAR TF-Luna, TFmini Plus or TF02-Pro above the roller shutter door to detect the designated area diagonally downward. Different installation heights / angles can choose products with different ranges.

Application Principle:
Place markers on the ground (the position of the radar spot can be observed with an infrared camera). Whenever a vehicle or person enters a marker, the change in distance is detected to determine whether a vehicle or person has entered, triggering the automatic opening of the rolling shutter door. After the vehicle or person leaves the marker, the change in distance is detected to trigger the automatic closing of the rolling shutter door.


Wiring Instructions: 

Conventional automatic door wiring diagram:


Installation Instructions:
Ceiling-mounted sensor installation (top view): The sensor can be embedded into the ceiling in a concealed manner. It can also be installed on the side of an automatic door.


Automatic door side-loading diagram:


Distance commissioning:

Firstly, power on the sensor after fixing it and the red light on the sensor will light up; when the obstacle in front of the sensor is less than 0.2m or more than 8m, the orange light will light up to indicate that it is out of range. Place an obstacle directly in front of the sensor within the protective distance of the sensor and press and hold the SET button on the sensor (for more than 3 seconds), the red light will flash and the green light will go out, at which point the distance setting is complete.

After the distance setting is completed, as long as there is an obstacle within the set distance, the green light on the sensor will light up and a switch signal will be output to the automatic door through the relay to realise the automatic door open state. When the obstacle leaves, the automatic door will be closed.

Note: The factory protection distance is set at 2.5m, which can be reset according to the usage requirements.

Functional Advantages:

1. Maximum installation height up to 8m, height threshold can be adjusted by key.

2. Wide voltage design (DC8~36V/AC8~24V) to meet the voltage design of automatic doors.

3. Small size, easy wiring.

4. Fast detection speed, not subject to light interference.

Benewake LiDAR advantages:

1. Small FoV, accurate detection, low false alarm rate.

2. Automatic door opening can be achieved without distinguishing between people and vehicles.

3. Low cost.

Trigger scheme of roller shutte switch LiDAR achieves moving from manual control to automatic control. It reduces the duplication of workers' work caused by opening doors and improves the efficiency from the side, making the workers' labour experience rise. Our LIDAR installed on the customer's roller shutter door works well, with accurate detection and no false alarms. It has won the praise of both the customer and the workers.

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