Altitude Hold
LiDAR is installed below a drone for ground distance detection.
Distance Hold
LiDAR is installed in front of a drone for distance detection of objects.
Core Pain Points
Duration of the drone
Lighter drone load
Hover steadily when unloading the parcel in complex environments
Maintain a constant distance for capturing stable images and videos
Improve single-task performance
Reliability & Stability & Safety
How Benewake Addresses the Pain Points
Light weight to 5g
Compact design
Accurate detection, anti-interference of surrounding obstacles: FoV<1°
Complex environment
Strong anti-interference: 100Klux
Other Value Add
Plug and play for all models with low integration cost
Small blind zone
100% applicable to industrial drones and different landing gears
Support for various types of interfaces
100% compatible with all types of communication interfaces
Wide measurable range
Cover the entire operating altitude under 350 meters
Compatible with multiple hardware
Support the flight control firmwares i.e. PX4, Ardupilot, iNaV and BetaFlight platforms
Customers Case
Formation performance UAV
Multi-rotor UAV
Headquarters:3rd Floor, Haiguo Jiaye Sci-Tech Park, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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