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IoT Industry Expert, Single Point LiDAR"Little Giant"—TF-LC02 is as low as $9.9!


To meet the new era of intelligence, Benewake focuses on providing users with LiDAR and its solutions. Now Benewake launches the ultra-low price LIDAR product TF-LC02. The compact size and high performance, high accuracy and low error make it suitable for a wide range of applications, and only sells for 9.9$!

Small but energetic! What kind of splendid product is it? 

TF-LCO2 LiDAR distance module

TF-LCO2 is a LiDAR distance module that includes a high precision ToF sensor with its own TDC (Time-to-digital converter) circuit. It is only the size of a thumb cap with excellent performance, which is called as "small giant". It can be used as a variety of electronic devices such as floor sweepers, robots, UAVs and smart home products ranging.




Small in stature, lighter than a feather

The volume is 20mm * 11.5mm * 7.6mm, easy to install, easy to integrate and less than 1g, which is suitable for weight, volume requirements of strict indoor application scenarios. Highly concealable for practical use.

"Big Eyes" to capture the beauty around you

The FOV is 18°, capturing a wide range without missing details. It works with intelligent garbage cans, sweeping robots, sensor faucets and other smart homes to bring you closer to life.

Low power consumption, high cost performance

It has a range of 3cm-200cm proximity low-cost distance module, the maximum power consumption can be less than 50mW, reducing system power consumption and extending the service life. The price is as little as 9.9$.

Stable and reliable distance measurement performance

Based on ToF (Time of Flight) ranging principle, TF-LC02 has high stability, accuracy and sensitivity distance detection performance.


Wide range of applications

Smart home / IoT devices

Household smart trash can trigger (trigger open lid and height detection), sensor faucet, automatic sensor soap dispenser, vacuum cleaner, ambient light sensing, gesture recognition (for lighting management), automatic door control, vending machine count detection, camera autofocus and video assist, intelligent shelf system inventory management, proximity sensing, product testing of production line, etc. 


Smart trash can overflow detection


Obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance for services robots such as cleaning, food delivery robots and sweeping robots, etc.

20230327175623427 (1).jpg
Service robot obstacle avoidance


UAV indoor hovering, UAV assisted landing (indoor), etc.

UAV assisted landing (indoor).jpg

UAV assisted landing (indoor)

Benewake continues to combine new technologies with applications to help users quickly enter a new era of intelligence.

*For more applications, please consult our service website.

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