TFmini-S12m LiDAR Ranging Module

TFmini-S is a short-range, single-point LiDAR, with the advantages of low cost, small volume and low power consumption. It has multiple interfaces to meet different costumers' needs. TFmini-S is based on the extensive experience of TFmini, while still small and light, it has higher performance and is suitable for more applications.

Mini Size, Great Function

TFmini-S products adhere to the application-oriented attitude : simple appearance, powerful functions.

It can meet your needs in the number of smart applications.

low cost
Tiny Body yet Big Wisdom

TFmini-S has small volum. Its blind zone is reduced to 10cm, immune to ambient light ambient light, frame rate up to 1000Hz. UART, IIC, IO communication interface switching.

P.S. The weight of a Metro Pass is around 5.1g. The weight of TFmini-S is only 5.0g.

Low Power Yet High Frame Rate

In low power consumption mode, the maximum power consumption can be lower than 100mW, reducing system power consumption and further prolonging LiDAR lifetime.

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