Product Launch | Benewake AD2-S-X3 LiDAR Opens a New Chapter In Intelligent Transportation


On March 30, Benewake's mass-produced, high-performance AD2-S-X3 LiDAR was officially launched and commenced global sales. 

This new product, tailor-made for intelligent transportation scenarios, can be widely applied and globally deployed in sectors such as roads, civil aviation, rail transit, shipping, and mining trucks.

Built on the Benewake Ying LiDAR platform, the AD2-S-X3 features high-resolution detection capabilities enabled by an ultra-high resolution of 0.1°*0.1° and an expansive FoV of 120° (horizontal) * 25.6° (vertical). This milestone heralds the era of 256 lines for intelligent transportation, delivering robust sensing capabilities, high reliability, and the prospect of sustainable performance enhancements in the future.

Reliable Mass Produced LiDAR Meets Global Demand
The AD2-S-X3 fully complies meets the rigorous demands of automotive-grade testing and mass production, having endured multiple extreme tests such as high/low temperature, direct sunlight, strong vibration, and shock. Its innovative structure not only ensures exceptional performance but also minimizes weight, significantly reducing motor load, enhancing temperature adaptability, and improving electromagnetic compatibility. These features allow the AD2-S-X3 to perform stable and accurate detection continuously, ensuring safe operations across various scenarios. Furthermore, AD2-S-X3 has acquired RoHS, CE, FCC and FDA certifications, meeting global market demands and providing reliable assurance to clients worldwide.

Benewake’s dedicated LiDAR production line has achieved automation across processes such as active alignment, adhesive dispensing, assembly, and delivery. Drawing on years of experience in mass production, Benewake has innovated a highly integrated, fully automated, intelligent testing line for LiDAR. A single testing line can calibrate and test 11 key parameters, including detection range, blind spots, precision/ accuracy of distance measurement, reflection rate, frame rate, FoV, and more. This innovative approach offers the benefits of full automation, diverse parameters, and multiple testing scenarios, significantly enhancing the comprehensiveness and overall efficiency of testing. Benewake can increase production capacity within three months to meet future demands by adding equipment in key processes.


Photo by Wu Ziliang, Guangzhou Daily

Strong Sensing Capability and Highly Guaranteed Security

The AD2-S-X3 can sense a 905nm wavelength and achieve a maximum detection range of 350 meters, setting an industry benchmark for “905nm distance + angle” performance. It captures targets with greater accuracy, further minimizing false or missed detections and allows for dynamic adjustments in key detection areas, significantly enhancing detection accuracy. With it’s ultra-high resolution, the device captures more details in the same scenario, providing higher safety redundancy.

Urban Road —— LiDAR Point Cloud & Camera-封面.jpg
AD2-S-X3 Point Cloud on the Road

Continuous Performance Upgrades

The AD2-S-X3 adopts a 2D scanning system and a modular design of arrayed light sources and receivers, facilitating continuous performance upgrades and iterations to better meet client needs, such as enhanced sensing and digital twins. This design offers greater cost-effectiveness and effectively reduces client costs. It also simplifies deployment in complex scenarios and alleviates operational burdens for users.

In 2020, Benewake became the first LiDAR company to venture into the transportation sector. Today, the company’s solutions have reliably operated for more than 30,000 hours in more than 80 projects across approximately 30 cities. In 2020, Benewake and Beijing Jiaotong University formed a strategic partnership and jointly released the industry’s first white paper on the comprehensive application of LiDAR technology in rail transit. In 2022, Benewake collaborated with Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd. to customize a full automation solution for the western section of Beijing Subway Line 11 (Winter Olympic Branch Line), showcasing Benewake’s expertise in intelligent transportation. Benewake has also provided technology solutions for many major projects such as the Three Gorges Dam, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Beijing-Taipei Expressway. The AD2-S-X3 combines the market validation of the Horn series and the continuity of the AD2 series, representing an upgrade that builds upon the strengths of both.

Benewake LiDAR Widely Deployed Across Sectors

Looking ahead, Benewake is committed to advancing intelligent transportation with its high-performance, high-reliability LiDAR solutions, aiming to make people’s lives safer and smarter.

Headquarters:3rd Floor, Haiguo Jiaye Sci-Tech Park, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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