40m IP65 LiDAR
Strong Resistance To Ambient Light
Compact Design

TF02-Pro IP65 LiDAR Rangefinder

40m IP65 LiDAR
The tf02 pro LiDAR is a cutting-edge TOF LiDAR built based on Benewake TF02. Designed for rugged outdoor use, it boasts an IP65 rating for durability and can withstand ambient light levels up to 100Klux. With the enhanced optical system and circuit design, Benewake TF02-Pro LiDAR offers a longer range and reduced blind spots while consuming less power. Additionally, advanced algorithm optimizations have significantly improved its error performance across diverse environments. Currently, TF02-Pro time of flight LiDAR has been widely used in fields such as drone altitude holding, intelligent transportation, smart parking lots, and smart agriculture.
Extended Range and More Powerful Sensing
The TF02-Pro is an advanced TOF distance sensor renowned for its exceptional range of 0.1-40m @90%reflectivity. With an impressive blind zone of just 10cm and a maximum frequency of 1000Hz, the compact TF02-Pro proximity sensor delivers rapid and precise data capture, ensuring unparalleled precision and reliability in distance measurement, object detection, and tracking over a 40 m range.
 optimization algorithm
High Strength Housing
Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process and hardware improvements, the TF02-Pro TOF proximity sensor has an IP65 classification, which means it is completely sealed against dust and water jets from any direction. The integrated structure even enhances its resilience to shocks and collisions.
good bright light immunity 
high strength
small size
Fusion Algorithm and High Reliability

Benewake TF02-Pro is based on the Time of Flight principle. With our special optical system design and fusion algorithm, this TOF range sensor can correct errors and work reliably even in outdoor environments with high light levels of up to 100k Lux.

Multiple Interfaces
Wide Voltage Input and Reverse Connection Protection

The TF02-Pro LiDAR ensures adaptable connectivity with support for UART and I²C interfaces, catering to a broad spectrum of hardware setups. Its wide voltage input from DC 5V to 12V adds flexibility for diverse power systems. The inclusion of reverse connection protection prevents damage from incorrect wiring, solidifying the hassle-free adoption with reliability for this single-point TOF LiDAR of close range.

Industrial applications
Industrial applications
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