Drones equipped with Benewake LiDar can achieve tasks of attitude hold and obstacle avoidance, which greatly improves the flight safety and stability of the UAV.
Compact Design
Low Power Consumption
Cost Advantage
Project Brief
Vehicle-assisted take-off and Flight Vehicle Altitude Hold Mode
With the stable ranging performance and ultra-high response speed of Benewake single-point LiDAR, the aircraft can obtain instant ground height information during takeoff and landing, and achieve smooth takeoff and landing. At the same time, Benewake
Technology Advantages
Small size, installed easily; light weight, helping improve flight time.
High frequency, long range and high precision. Suitable for all types of aircraft to achieve assisted take-off and landing and altitude fixing functions.
Reliable data. Stable range measurement in strong ambient light and with different reflectivity backgrounds.
Built-in light source, it can be used normally in non-illuminated environments.
The PX4, Ardupilot, iNaV, and BetaFlight platforms support the following flight control hardware:
Pixhawk Cube Series
Pixhawk Flight Controllers from Holybro
CUAV Series
Beagle Bone Blue
Recommended Scenarios
Logistics UAV
Formation performance UAV
Multi-rotor UAV
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