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Unmanned Mining Trucks

Benewake's high-performance 3D LiDAR, with excellent long-distance detection and fine target perception capabilities, serves as the core sensor in AMT (Autonomous mining trucks) system. Even in extreme environments such as dusty mining areas or direct sunlight, Benewake LiDAR can operate stably and provide high-quality point cloud data conducive to perception algorithm development because adaptive scan patterns can change between uniform and ROI mode. Not only can the mining truck operational efficiency be improved, but risk monitoring can also significantly benefit the safety and stability of mining operations.

Core Advantages



Ultra-Long Range Capability

With a ranging ability of up to 350 meters, it can identify irregular obstacles well in advance

Ultra-High Resolution

With a resolution of 0.1°*0.1°, it can effectively identify roadside lines, ruts, and other obstacles



Easy Fusion

Synchronization clock accuracy can be achieved in the microsecond range with various time synchronization methods such as gPTP, NTP, and PTP, supporting spatial fusion of up to 2 million points per second

Automotive-Grade High Reliability

Meets ASIL-B functional safety requirements, -40°C low temperature resistance, suitable for long-term high-frequency vibration environments

Unmanned Mining Trucks

Unmanned mining trucks can automatically travel and operate according to the operational tasks planned by the control center, following the planned path and utilizing current satellite positioning and road environment information. During operation, high-precision LiDAR and other perception sensors provide real-time and accurate environmental perception, detecting the status of obstacles ahead and supporting the generation of safe path planning to ensure operational safety.

Strong Environmental Perception

Benewake's high-performance three-dimensional LiDAR features outstanding long-distance and high-resolution detection technology, accurately capturing small targets as small as 20*20 centimeters within a range of 60 meters. This extraordinary perception capability helps the decision-making system detect irregular obstacles such as rocks and falling rocks ahead earlier, providing quick and accurate safety path planning assistance to transportation fleets, effectively avoiding potential risks, and preventing economic losses.

Fine Target Perception

Benewake LiDAR can accurately measure the contour information of target objects and achieve centimeter-level accuracy detection for different types of obstacles. This enables the decision-making system to make safe path planning, ensuring operational safety.


Diagram for Testing Installation of a Certain Project

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