AD2-S-X3 3D 256 Lines LiDAR
AD2-S-X3 LiDAR is a high-performance LiDAR independently developed by Benewake. It has an equivalent 256 lines and a maximum ultra-high resolution of 0.1°*0.1°, which enables it to achieve high-definition target detection capability in the entire field of view (120°*25.6°) and accurately detect various targets.

Automotive Grade, High-performance
Ultra-high Point Cloud Lines
capable of capturing richer scene details, providing higher safety redundancy
Long-range Detection
≥350m+ target detection and tracking, advanced perception
Wide FoV
achieving a wide range of target detection, tracking, and improved safety performance
Headquarters:3rd Floor, Haiguo Jiaye Sci-Tech Park, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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