Smart Parking

The roadside parking management system is a parking and operation management system based on Internet of Things, cloud computing services and intelligent sensor technology. Roadside equipment such as curb machine, parking Meter and video pile is an important part of the system. By installing Benewake LiDAR, real-time detection of vehicles can be realized, and through the change of distance measurement value, the vehicle can be monitored if it has entered or left the parking space, triggering the camera to take pictures of the license plate, and then timing and cost settlement. 

Curbside Machine / Parking Meter / Video Post

Through LiDAR measurements, the power consumption of the entire system can be significantly reduced, the wake-up frequency of cameras can be lowered, and the processing pressure on backend algorithms can be minimized. With the cooperation of LiDAR and cameras, as well as the support of integrated system algorithms, detection accuracy can reach as high as 99%. This can greatly improve fee collection rates, reduce maintenance costs, and promote energy saving and emission reduction.


The system monitors occupancy status for all parking spaces, and enables remote data query, e-mapped parking space monitoring, parameter configuration, and rate adjustment. Through data interfaces, it provides fundamental data to large-scale driving/parking promotion systems, optimizes operation inside parking lots, thus reduces operating costs. 


Charging Station

The electric vehicle industry is developing rapidly, and the number of charging stations is also increasing swiftly. After completing charging, drivers might forget to put the charging plug back in place or turn it off. If the charging station remains active after the vehicle leaves, it could pose a safety hazard. Additionally, turning off or putting the charging station to sleep when there is no vehicle in the parking space can help with energy saving and emission reduction.

By installing Benewake single-point LiDAR above the charging station, it is possible to accurately detect the presence of a vehicle in the parking space. When a vehicle enters, the charging station can be woken up in advance to start working. After the vehicle leaves the parking space, the station can promptly go into sleep mode, reducing usage risks and energy consumption.

Core Advantages

1. High ranging stability, significantly lower false alarm rates compared to ultrasound and other solutions.
2. Small field of view (FoV) for more accurate ranging, unaffected by adjacent parking spaces or objects.
3. Compact size, easy integration, high cost-effectiveness.
4. Ultra-low power consumption mode, standby power consumption of 1.5mW, average power consumption of only 1.72mW, capable of operating for 3.3 years on a 10,000mAh battery, eliminating the need for grid connection or frequent battery replacement, significantly reducing overall power consumption of roadside equipment and maintenance costs.
5. Maximum ranging distance for dark vehicles up to 3m, stable ranging, and the smaller FoV effectively avoids interference from complex objects around vehicles.
6. Customized parking algorithms enable accurate vehicle detection even in slightly dirty conditions. In case of severe dirt or rainy/snowy weather, the radar can automatically alert the backend for timely maintenance by operational personnel.

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