Strong anti-interference ability, good concealment, light weight, and easy integration are characteristics that make Benewake LiDAR widely used in the IoT era of smart life, from human-computer interaction to smart homes, and further to the construction of smart cities and other fields.

Level / Volume Detection
Scheme Introduction
In industrial scenarios, there are many material storage facilities that exist in the form of silos and other containers. Traditional material level detection is often carried out through manual observation or ruler measurement, with low automation, low efficiency, and high personal safety risks. By installing the benewake LiDAR on the top of the storage tank, it can be used to detect the height of the material level and inventory. The cost-effective benewake LiDAR can help enterprises achieve safe and efficient production.
Cost Advantage
Compact Design
Rich Interfaces
High Frequency
Non-contact Detection
Easy to Install
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