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Liquid Level Detection

River/Lake Water Level Detection

RDS01 LiDAR is suitable for various complex working environments: hydrological detection in river, lake, channel and other application scenarios. More robust in abnormal situations and complex environments, the RDS01 LiDAR has better penetration of smoke, dust, rain and snow, is less affected by weather, and has high stability. And with low power consumption and maintenance-free design, it can work around the clock and can save costs to the maximum extent.



Application Scenarios
Hydrological monitoring, water level measurement stations, dam and reservoir detection, lake and sea level detection, river water level monitoring, rainfall and water level monitoring, tank liquid level detection, well water level detection, and more.

Gas Well Water Ingress Detection


Gas pipelines and wells need to remain dry at all times, as water ingress can disrupt the normal operation of the pipes and equipment. The current monitoring methods involve manual inspections or emergency repairs when severe water ingress is detected, which incurs high maintenance costs and severe equipment corrosion. By installing LiDAR sensors in gas wells, it is possible to monitor the presence of water in real time. Under normal conditions, when there is no water, the LiDAR outputs a stable distance measurement. If unexpected water ingress occurs, the LiDAR, being sensitive to water surfaces, will detect fluctuations in the data. These fluctuations can trigger an alert to the backend system, notifying maintenance personnel to promptly address the issue. This reduces inspection costs and increases the efficiency of emergency repairs. 


Core Advantages

1. Supports explosion-proof certification and meets industry certification requirements.
2. Compact size, easy to integrate and install.
3. High sensitivity, responds quickly to abnormal conditions.
4. Ultra-high precision, millimeter level.
5. Long lifespan with low maintenance costs.
6. Strong anti-interference capability, unaffected by ambient light, rain, fog, and other environmental conditions.

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