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Autonomous Driving Truck Operation

The number of vacancies and employee turnover in port operations is increasing, with truck drivers facing heavy workloads and long hours. Ports with high throughput require 24-hour operations, resulting in increased management costs. As a result, port enterprises need to address issues related to labor costs and the difficulty in recruiting personnel. Autonomous driving technology provides a solution for port logistics. The Ministry of Transportation encourages ports to conduct demonstrations of unmanned container truck autonomous driving, which is becoming one of the breakthroughs driving the commercialization of autonomous driving.

Benewake's high-performance 3D LiDAR, with its ultra-long detection range and ultra-high resolution, easily handles the complex environments of port applications. This enables port container trucks to quickly and accurately perceive their surroundings, providing more efficient and safe support for unmanned container truck operations.

Core Advantages




Ultra-Long Range

With a maximum detection distance of 350 meters, it provides advanced warning of obstacles

Ultra-High Channels

With 256 lines, it possesses exceptional detection capabilities

Ultra-High Resolution

0.1°x0.1°, it comprehensively and clearly perceives real-time information about various surrounding objects




All-Weather Operational Capability

Operates 24/7, regardless of day or night and adverse conditions

High Protection Level

IP67 & IP6K9K

High Usability

Easy to integrate and space-efficient

Autonomous Driving Truck Operation

Equipped with high-precision sensing sensors such as LiDAR, autonomous driving container trucks, in conjunction with advanced driver assistance systems, can monitor the surrounding environment in real-time, alerting potential safety risks, significantly improving operational efficiency, covering high labor costs, reducing human error, and lowering port operation costs.

Ultra-Long Detection, Mitigating Collision Risks

In compact port operation spaces, autonomous driving truck operations may lack flexibility, and deviations or route changes by drivers can lead to collisions and decreased efficiency.

Benewake has a long-distance detection capability of 200m@10%, with a maximum range of up to 350 meters, suitable for various autonomous driving scenarios. Multiple units can be combined to achieve 360° coverage around the vehicle without blind spots, supporting efficient and safe autonomous driving container truck operations.

Ultra-High Resolution, Precise Target Recognition

With a maximum resolution of 0.1°×0.1°, within its entire field of view of 120° (horizontal) × 25.6° (vertical), it can achieve high-definition detection capabilities. This enables accurate identification of collapsed stacks and fallen cargo within the port, allowing ample time for decision-making, planning, and control for the port's autonomous driving container truck intelligent driving system, facilitating unmanned operations across all scenarios and preventing major safety accidents.

Ultra-High Protection Level, 24/7 Reliable Operation

Port operation environments are harsh, requiring high protection levels and reliability for sensors. Benewake LiDAR meets automotive-grade standards, operating 24/7 in all weather conditions, with an IP67 protection rating and an ultra-high Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) time, ensuring long-term stable operation. It also features dirt detection capabilities, capable of handling port dust and various weather conditions, making it suitable for autonomous driving container truck operations.

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