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Highway Key Area Monitoring

The system solutions based on Benewake's high-performance 3D LiDAR have been widely applied in multiple core scenarios on highways. Its powerful 3D spatial sensing capabilities, coupled with its advantage of operating in all weather conditions, help to compensate the limitations of traditional vision and millimeter-wave technologies.

The system achieves comprehensive real-time information exchange between vehicles and the road. On the basis of collecting and integrating real-time traffic information, it enables proactive vehicle safety control and ICVs management. This allows for effective coordination between pedestrians, vehicles, and roads, resulting in a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly road traffic system.

Core Advantages




Ultra-High Resolution

256 lines, vehicle sensing distance > 150m

Large Coverage Area

120° × 25.6°, a single LiDAR covers 12 lanes in both directions

Easy Integration

Time: Supports gPTP, NTP, PTP with ms-level time synchronization




Equipped with ROI for
Key Area Monitoring

Fully adjustable field of view, with doubled resolution in key areas

(focus on specific areas monitoring ramps, tunnels, and traffic sections)

Detailed Target

Clear target contours detection, customizable object classification, adaptable to various functions

Digital Basement

Easy to deployment multi-sensor fusion to get richer information for perception

Highway Key Area Monitoring

The system solutions based on Benewake's high-performance 3D LiDAR can be widely applied to key areas of highways, such as toll stations, service zone, tunnel entrances, and ramps. These solutions enable real-time information exchange between vehicles and roads, allowing timely acquisition of vehicle position, speed, direction, and other information. This provides real-time traffic data support for highway management departments, thereby optimizing road network layout, improving traffic flow, and enhancing safety.

Functionalities that can be achieved:
Target structuring: Target ID, target speed, vehicle classification (passenger car, Van, pedestrian, hazardous materials vehicles, etc.), heading angle, target trajectory
b. Digital basement: Lane recognition, parking space recognition, gathering area recognition, gas station, commercial area, queue length detection


Tolling System Based on LiDAR Perception

Highway Section Monitoring

The system solutions based on Benewake's high-performance 3D LiDAR can be applied to various highway section monitoring scenarios, such as traffic volume surveys, overload detection, and vehicle classification. It can accurately capture the length, width, and height of passing-by vehicles (with centimeter-level precision) with its fast, non-contact automatic detection.

For highway and overload enforcement scenarios, the 3D LiDAR solution offers high-precision endurance in severe weather conditions. It performs reliable detection efficiency with tiny environmental impact, and strong anti-interference capabilities. This solution significantly reduces the human labor, improves working efficiency, alleviates the congestion caused by inspections, and enhances the fairness and intelligence of traffic management.

Functionalities that can be achieved:

Structured data: Target ID, target speed, Class-wise tolling, vehicle heading angle, vehicle dimensions (length, width, height)

Success Cases

               Guangdong Automotic Toll Station


                                Guangzhou Toll Station                                                         Tolling System Based on LiDAR Perception

               Shanghai Smart Highway 


                       LiDAR Deployment on Highway                                      Highway Section Target Perception Illustration



LiDAR Point Cloud on Highway

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