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Space & People Flow Detection

People Flow Detection

With the progress of human society and the continuous increase in population, foot traffic in places such as malls, office buildings, and schools is gradually increasing. In the event of unexpected disasters like fires or earthquakes, it becomes difficult for people to escape, and the limited rescue resources make post-disaster rescue tasks even more challenging. An important issue that needs to be addressed is how to allocate rescue resources effectively. Understanding the population distribution in real-time in places like malls, office buildings, schools, and tourist attractions is a necessary and effective measure for the reasonable allocation of rescue resources.

Benewake's independently developed solid-state LiDAR can be installed in areas that need foot traffic monitoring based on the on-site environment to effectively monitor the foot traffic within the area. By installing the TF-Luna above the door and detecting vertically downwards, it can monitor changes in distance when people enter the detection area. The system increments the count by one each time this occurs, outputs the number of people, and calculates their height.

Public Restroom Occupancy & People Flow Detection

Benewake TF-Luna LiDAR Modual is used to detect the occupation of public toilets and the statistics of human flow. In terms of intelligent detection function, the public area of public toilets is equipped with an interactive display. The display can allow toilet personnel and managers to intuitively see the use of various toilet spaces for men and women, the use of the third toilet and mother and child rooms, the total passenger flow of smart public toilets, air quality, water, and electricity consumption and other relevant information. It is convenient for the public to understand the overall environment of public toilets, and managers can also temporarily monitor the cleaning of public toilets.


Space Detection

Using Benewake LiDAR TF-Luna to create a 3×5 light array (adjustable according to the elevator's dimensions) and placing it at the top inside the elevator. This setup measures whether the internal space of the elevator is fully occupied. If it is fully occupied, the system controls the elevator to not stop at middle floors, making it suitable for high-rise buildings. Additionally, this solves the problem where a weight sensor does not detect sufficient weight to indicate full capacity, but the elevator is already full and would otherwise still stop.


Core Advantages

1. Technical Advantages: High precision, narrow field of view, stable and reliable distance measurement, low false alarm rate, high refresh rate, and sensitive detection of dynamic crowds.

2. Implementation Advantages: Compact size, lightweight, easy to install, no additional modifications needed.

3. Cost Advantages: Consumer-level pricing.

4. Product Advantages: Long detection range for black objects, adaptable to various installation heights, low power consumption (<0.35W), and supports long-term battery operation.

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