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V2X / Holographic Intersection / Traffic Light Control

Urban transportation faces a range of significant challenges, such as escalating traffic congestion, deteriorating traffic safety conditions, and pervasive traffic violations. The implementation of intelligent sensing technology holds the potential to significantly optimize traffic flow, bolster safety, alleviate congestion, and prevent traffic accidents, ultimately fostering the efficient and secure operation of urban transportation systems.

Utilizing Benewake's high-performance three-dimensional LiDAR, a multifaceted perception solution for urban intersections is proposed. This solution incorporates various sensor fusion, V2X, edge computing, and other advanced methods. By monitoring crucial information such as vehicle speed, vehicle trajectories, and road network operational status at urban intersections, it can accurately depict complex environmental scenarios. Benewake LiDAR provides a robust data foundation for logical intelligent transportation services, addressing the limitations of traditional perception technologies like cameras and millimeter-wave LiDAR, and laying the groundwork for enhanced future autonomous driving capabilities.

Core Advantages




Ultra-High Resolution

With 256 lines, the perception distance for traffic participants exceeds 150 meters

Wide FoV

 120°×25.6°, with a minimum of 2 LiDAR units covering a standard intersection

Easy Fusion

Synchronization clock accuracy can be achieved in the microsecond range with various time synchronization methods such as gPTP, NTP, and PTP, supporting spatial fusion of up to 2 million points per second




Gaze Function

Fully adjustable across the entire field of view, doubling the resolution in key areas

Fine Target Perception

Centimeter-level positioning accuracy, supporting multiple perception types

Digital Platform

Multi-sensor fusion for panoramic perception, facilitating applications on upper platforms and point cloud mapping

V2X / Holographic Intersection / Traffic Light Control

Utilizing Benewake's high-performance three-dimensional LiDAR, A solution offers comprehensive tracking of targets, including their ID, speed, type, heading angle, and trajectory. It accurately portrays lanes, the surrounding environment, and queue lengths on a point cloud map. The solution supplies high-grade perception data for V2X applications, leveraging multi-point LiDAR fusion to create a comprehensive 3D map of intersections. It captures the intricate relationships between scenes and targets, enabling precise lane representation, environmental portrayal, and queue length detection.

Furthermore, Benewake's LiDAR technology offers precise, stable, and dependable traffic flow perception data for holographic intersection applications, thereby enhancing holistic situational awareness in road traffic. For traffic light control applications, it fulfills the traffic management department's requirements for dynamic analysis and intelligent urban traffic scheduling.


Point Cloud Effect - 4 LiDARs Stitched Together


Point Cloud Effect - Single LiDAR

Success Cases

                  Beijing Development Zone Intersection Project


Intersection Installation Effect

                  Chengdu Signal Light Control Project


Intersection Installation Effect

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