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Apron Monitoring & Aircraft Docking Guidance

As air travel and cargo volumes increase, the civil aviation industry has a growing need to improve operational efficiency and ensure safety. Aircraft parking guidance systems and apron monitoring are essential components of improving civil aviation intelligence. The parking guidance system uses various sensors and computer vision technology to monitor and guide the aircraft's parking position in real-time, improving parking efficiency and reducing errors compared to traditional manual guidance. Apron monitoring can detect aircraft, vehicles, and personnel in real-time, quickly detecting and resolving safety hazards and ensuring safe and smooth operations.

Benewake's high-performance 3D LiDAR, with its ultra-high resolution and range, can provide azimuth guidance, aircraft type reference, flight information, taxiing speed, and parking signals for incoming aircraft. It can also detect 3D environmental information such as runways and elevation bands in the flight area, providing high-reliability perception capabilities to ensure the safety and operational efficiency of the aircraft operating area.

Core Advantages




Ultra-long Range

Capturing aircraft and specialized vehicles at 300m, and pedestrians at over 200m

Ultra-high Resolution

256 lines, allowing for precise detection of aircraft, vehicles, and pedestrians

Wide FoV

Can simultaneously detect aircraft and jet bridges




High Reliability

Meets ASIL-B functional safety requirements, not affected by natural light conditions, no need for supplementary lighting, capable of all weathers

High Precision

Accurately identifies similar aircraft models, vehicles, and people

Synchronized Multi-LiDAR Networking

Supports various time synchronization methods such as gPTP, PTP, NTP, achieving microsecond-level synchronization. Friendly for feature extraction with 2 million point frequencies

Apron Monitoring

Comprehensive Perception of the Airfield

Leveraging Benewake's high-resolution and long-range 3D LiDAR, it's possible to achieve fine monitoring of aircraft, vehicles, and pedestrians in the airfield. This includes structured targets such as type (aircraft, vehicles, pedestrians), speed, heading angle, trajectory, etc., enabling precise monitoring of airfield elements.

Event Detection

Based on the motion status, trajectory, and posture of structured targets in the airfield, further analysis and prediction are conducted. Combined with technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, this enables functions such as event warning, prediction, and decision support.

Success Cases

               Apron Monitoring Projects at Tianfu International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport


Aircraft Docking Guidance

Airport docking guidance systems improve the accuracy of manual guidance, ensuring safe, efficient, and convenient completion of guiding tasks, indirectly reducing labor costs. They also assist airport management departments in calculating the occupancy time of each parking position, enabling the scheduling of more aircraft takeoffs and landings, effectively increasing the utilization rate of parking resources, enhancing safety, and reducing flight delays.

Benewake's high-performance three-dimensional LiDAR offers unique advantages, significantly enhancing the accuracy and safety of the entire system.

Large Scan Data Volume, Precise Docking

Using laser scanning to determine aircraft model, position, speed, and other parameters, with a measurement accuracy of less than 10cm. The pixel-level point cloud data with rich detail features enables precise identification of similar aircraft models, ensuring more accurate aircraft docking.

Fast Data Acquisition, Safe Docking

Real-time acquisition of full digital features makes information processing easy. The three-dimensional LiDAR can simultaneously scan jet bridges, vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles and issue warnings, ensuring safe aircraft docking.

Strong Environmental Adaptability, All-Weather Operation

Active detection with strong environmental adaptability, capable of operating in all weather conditions without being affected by weather or environmental illumination.

Success Cases

               Projects at Changsha Huanghua Airport, Nanyang Jiangying Airport, etc.


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