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The electric vehicle industry is developing rapidly, and the number of electric vehicle charging stations is also growing rapidly. After charging is completed, the driver may forget to return the charging plug to its place or turn it off. If the charging station is still working after the vehicle leaves, it may cause safety hazards. At the same time, timely shutting down or hibernating at the charging station when there is no vehicle in the parking space can also achieve energy-saving and emission reduction.

By installing Benewake single-point LiDAR in the charging station, the presence of vehicles in the parking space can be accurately detected. When a vehicle enters, the charging station can be awakened in advance to enter the working state. After the vehicle leaves the parking space, it can be hibernated in a timely manner to reduce usage risks and energy consumption.

Solution Advantages

1. High ranging stability, significantly lower false alarm rate compared to ultrasound and other solutions.

2. Small FoV, more accurate ranging, unaffected by adjacent parking spaces or objects.

3. Small size, easy to integrate into the charging pile, with high cost-effectiveness.

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