Camera Trigger

Currently, cameras are widely used in smart transportation to gather traffic information. However, the large volume of camera data leads to excessive computational pressure on the system. By introducing LiDAR-triggered camera capture, it's possible to effectively reduce system computational pressure and improve system efficiency.

The Benewake LiDAR and cameras are installed side by side above the lane, facing the direction of oncoming traffic. When a vehicle passes through the LiDAR detection area, causing a change in the detection distance value, the system can activate the cameras to capture photos of the vehicle, or use the LiDAR as a digital switch.


Core Advantages

1. Fast Response: With a detection frequency of up to 10kHz, suitable for high-speed scenarios, capable of detecting vehicles traveling at speeds up to 150km/h, ensuring accurate detection of high-speed passing vehicles.

2. Easy Development: Direct output of ranging information, simple data parsing, low computational resource usage. When combined with cameras, it effectively alleviates system computational pressure.

3. Rich Interfaces: Supports multiple commonly used interfaces, including RS-485, RS-232, CAN, UART, and current analog, facilitating hardware system integration.

4. Strong Environmental Adaptability: Stable operation around the clock, capable of stable measurements in strong ambient light and nighttime conditions without the need for additional equipment (such as light sources). Internally integrated rain and fog algorithms ensure good ranging performance in rainy and foggy weather.

5. High Protection Level: IP67 protection rating, suitable for outdoor use scenarios.

6. Energy-saving: This solution does not require the continuous activation of cameras to capture video streams; it only captures when the LiDAR detects a vehicle.

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