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In the process of moving, the robot may encounter a situation where the road surface has downward steps or the ground sag. If the robot can’t sense them and take action, it risks falling.

As a range sensor, TF series LiDAR has small size, high accuracy and high frequency, which can be used as fall detection sensor of the robot. LiDAR can detect the distance information in real time and send it to the robot, so that the robot can make timely braking, deceleration, turning and other responses to avoid falling on steps or depressions.


Application Principles

The TF series LiDAR mounted on the robot detects the distance information under the slant in real time at a certain angle. When the road surface is flat, the ranging value will be stable in a certain range; When the road surface is abnormal, the ranging value will exceed the reasonable range and the distance will change suddenly. It can be judged that there are steps or depressions ahead. At this time, the robot should slow down or turn to prevent falling.


Product Advantages

1.Small size, easy to be embedded into the robot.

2.High frequency, can adapt to various running speeds.

3.High ranging performance, high energy redundancy, can adapt to various installation angles.

4.Low cost, a variety of models available.

5.UART, IIC and IO interfaces are available.


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