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The smart rail-guided transmission system connects the transmission stations distributed in different areas through specific track connections. The customized carriages transport along fixed tracks to achieve the 3-dimentional point-to-point transportation between these stations. In order to improve the working efficiency of the track car, there will be multiple track cars running at the same time. In order to prevent the collision of multiple cars, BENEWAKE launched the "Benewake LiDAR Obstacle Avoidance Program" to provide security for the safe operation of the car and reduce property losses.

The control center issues distribution instruction, and the smart vehicle travels to the material distribution point A through the hanging rail, and transports to station B through the horizontal or vertical track, thereby realizing the non-contact and rapid transportation of the materials.

In order to prevent two or more robots from colliding with each other during transportation, two pieces of TF-Luna low cost distance sensor are installed on both sides of the head and tail of the robot to detect distances, as shown in the figure. When an obstacle is detected, the inspection alarm is triggered, and deceleration or emergency stop is performed to ensure the safe operation of the hanging rail inspection robots.


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