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Railway Freight Detection

The Railway Intelligent Freight Inspection System with high-performance 3D LiDAR from Benewake to conduct real-time scanning of freight trains, generating three-dimensional point cloud models. Based on these models, the system segments and analyzes various components to automatically identify and assess key inspection points such as open doors or windows, foreign objects on the car body, torn or displaced tarpaulins, and overloaded or displaced cargo, among others.

Core Advantages



Ultra-High Resolution

Capable of precisely scanning vehicle contours, doors, and other details

Ultra-High Frame Rate

600Hz frame rate allows non-stop detection of freight.

Railway Freight Detection

Overloading Detection

Benewake's 3D LiDAR can scan the width and height of freight cars in real-time, preventing cargo from exceeding the limits and ensuring transportation safety. It enables detection of over-height, over-width, empty loads, and off-center loads.

Mixed Traffic Detection

Benewake's 3D LiDAR could scan each carriage of the train in real-time and generate a 3D point cloud model of each carriage, allowing for the classification between freight and passenger cars;

Abnormal Carriage Detection

Benewake's 3D LiDAR scans the production model of empty freight trains and determines whether there are any abnormalities in the train carriages, such as broken drawbars, damaged carriages, open doors or windows, misaligned containers, and open top covers.

Non-Stop detection

Saves time and improves efficiency.



Point Cloud on Freight detection

Success Cases

                                          Chengdu Railway, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Beijing Railway, etc.


Product Recommendation


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