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Aircraft Ground Towing Collision Avoidance

To ensure the safe operation of the towing process, it is essential to equip the towing vehicle with an advanced obstacle avoidance warning system. This system can quickly alert the towing driver, effectively preventing collisions with obstacles in the operating area, thereby significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Based on Benewake's high-performance 3D LiDAR, the aircraft ground towing collision avoidance application can effectively detect obstacles in the vicinity of the aircraft during taxiing, relocation, and long-distance towing processes. This helps prevent injuries to personnel caused by collision accidents, greatly enhances operational safety, and reduces unforeseen property losses.

Core Advantages




Ultra-Long Range

A long range of 200m makes sure a large defense zone for the aircraft surroundings.

Ultra-High Resolution

With 256 lines, equipped with the ability to perceive fire extinguishers within a range of 100m

Centimeter-Level Detection Accuracy

±3cm accuracy, providing real and reliable distance detection of target objects



High Protection Level

Featuring with IP67 protection rating, endurance in rainy or snowy weather

All-Weather Operational Capability

Capable of working 24/7, in severe environmental conditions

Aircraft Ground Towing Collision Avoidance

The obstacle avoidance system is installed on the aircraft towing vehicle, with a primary monitoring device being a 3D LiDAR, consisting of four LiDARs stitched together to form a 360° field of view. It provides real-time monitoring of the environment surrounding the towed aircraft. When a target object enters the set safety zone, the system triggers an alert. The alert information is conveyed through the system interface and speakers.

1. 360° Surrounding Monitoring

During ground towing by the towing vehicle, as the aircraft body is relatively large and the system's sensing devices are deployed on the towing vehicle, achieving full coverage of the entire aircraft body and leaving a monitoring area of over 200m requires high range 360° stitching to meet monitoring range requirements.

Based on the high-performance 3D LiDAR from Benewake, the solution offers a wide field of view and high range capabilities. By stitching together four LiDARs, it can cover a monitoring area of over 300m in 360°, effectively covering the monitoring range of different aircraft models. It ensures coverage of over 200m monitoring range around the aircraft regardless of straight-line movement or turning.

2. Adaptive Safety Zone

During towing and turning, the towing vehicle and aircraft form different angles, causing the LiDAR's field of view to shift. However, the aircraft safety zone needs to remain fixed. Hence, relative angle data between the towing vehicle and the aircraft is required to dynamically adjust the safety zone, ensuring its position remains fixed.

Based on the high-performance 3D LiDAR from Benewake, the collision avoidance system incorporates 3D model data of the towed aircraft. It precisely understands the outline of the aircraft. After loading, the LiDAR analyzes the point cloud data of the aircraft's detection, capturing identical feature points on both sides of the engines. Real-time data on these feature points are obtained and processed for distance, angle, and other information to calculate the relative angle between the aircraft and the towing vehicle. The monitoring safety zone adjusts accordingly based on the calculated angle values to adapt to different aircraft attitudes, meeting adaptive requirements.

3. Obstacle Recognition

Due to the complex environment of airport products, during aircraft towing, the aircraft may encounter parked aircraft, various vehicles engaged in apron operations, and ground pedestrain. With its high-resolution capability, the solution based on Benewake's high-performance 3D LiDAR can effectively recognize obstacles intruding into the safety zone. It promptly issues warnings if collision risks are detected, alerting the towing vehicle driver to apply brakes in time.

Success Cases

Aircraft Ground Towing Collision Avoidance system

Aircraft Ground Towing Collision Avoidance system

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