OCTF 2022 (Jakarta) Intelligent Technology Exhibition


OCTF 2022 (Jakarta) Intelligent Technology Exhibition consists of product display, project promotion, cooperation, information exchange and industry forums. Chinese exhibitors will ship their exhibits to display at the exhibition center of overseas countries, while local buyers from the host countries can pay a visit to the venue, watch product samples and have a real-time chat with Chinese exhibitors via online platform. Multiple concurrent events will be curated, including China-Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, e-commerce sourcing meeting and others, to demonstrate the new generation of IT, new energy, energy saving, smart household technologies and products from Guangdong, China. The exhibition will provide enterprises the overseas market expansion solutions with low barrier, low risk, high efficient and high customer acquisition.

Vinsensius Jemadu, an official of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, Zhang Jinxiong, president of the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Cai Yuzi, vice president of the Indonesian Chaozhou Federation, Xu Jinxiang, vice president of the Indonesian China Association for Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation, Zhang Jinquan, vice president of the Indonesian Chinese Federation, Zheng Yongshi, president of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Trade Fair Group, Chen Ruyue, representative of Guangdong Tus Group, and representatives of major Indonesian business associations, exhibitors More than 500 spectators attended the opening ceremony offline.

Focusing on the field of intelligent technology, this overseas Chinese trade fair will build a supply chain procurement and marketing platform based on e-commerce services, as well as an enterprise incubation and service platform based on science and innovation industries, by linking the resources and capital of science and innovation industries in China and Indonesia, and go deep into the industrial chain, supply chain, and marketing chain to gather resources, so as to provide practical and efficient services for enterprises in both countries.

Benewake is honored to be invited to the OCTF to show its main applications in six sectors, namely, smart city, smart life, smart transportation, smart agriculture, smart medicine and smart logistics, to the global market. During this time, it attracted many customers' interest and consultation, and front-line colleagues sent some wonderful moments:




Headquarters:3rd Floor, Haiguo Jiaye Sci-Tech Park, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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