Benewake 3D high-performance LiDAR, independently developed, is specially customized for rail transit. With large range, ultra-high resolution, high reliability and stability, Benewake provides solutions and sensors for rail transit including object monitoring, automotive collision avoidance, abnormal state identification of equipment in the line, shield door object detection, tunnel construction, train operation positioning.

Benewake 3D high-performance LiDAR can be installed on the subway or trackside, providing 

beyond-line-of-sight sensors and solutions for subway trains and special vehicles.

Led by the concept of smart subway, smart station, intelligent operation and maintenance, and operation safety protection, Benewake LiDAR provides strong technical support for the subway industry.

•   LiDAR Structured Data release time is less than 200ms
•   Obstacle recognition accuracy less than or equal to 5cm

•   IP67 protection level and high degree of productization

Real-time detection
The Benewake 3D LiDAR applied to Real-time detection has the following features

•  Higher density for clearer scanning

•  High frame rate, long range, faster measurement

•  Modularization integrated design, high degree of productization

Building tunnel plan
The Benewake 3D LiDAR applied to Building tunnel plan has the following features
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