Multiple Applications

Benewake is dedicated to providing suitable LiDAR solutions for a wide range of segmented scenarios, such as collision prevention for
navigational bridges, port crane equipment, unmanned mining trucks, perimeter security, foreign object detection, and more.

These scenarios typically involve large detection areas, operate within specific environmental constraints, require the assistance of equipment

such as beyond-line-of-sight and all-weather operation devices, and must balance considerations of safety, efficiency, reliability, and cost.
Additionally, they often entail strong customization requirements.

To meet the needs of users, Benewake is committed to providing professional and timely responses and services, assisting customers in
achieving greater success in segmented scenarios.

Autonomous Mining Truck
The Benewake 3D LiDAR applied to Autonomous Mining Truck has the following features
• 120°*25.6° wide-angle FoV, covering various risks within the effective range of safety warnings
• 0.1°*0.1° high resolution, accurately and effectively identifying various obstacles
• Rich data information, capable of acquiring three-dimensional position, distance, speed, and other information
• Supports 24-hour operation, unaffected by lighting conditions, day or night
Bridge collision avoidance
The Benewake 3D LiDAR applied to Bridge collision avoidance has the following features
• 350m+ ultra-long range
• Ship size recognition accuracy is less than 20cm
• Informative 3D location, distance, speed and other information
• IP67 protection level and high degree of productization
Ship loading and unloading machine
The Benewake 3D LiDAR applied to Ship loading and unloading machine has the following features
• 120°*25.6° degree covering a wider range
• Number of LiDARs are spliced for overall cabin size scanning
• Positioning the centreline of the hold by identifying the ship's side to avoid off loading
• Real-time positioning of the skids to avoid hitting the ship's side
Ship locks and electronic access monitoring
The Benewake 3D LiDAR applied to Ship locks and electronic access monitoring has the following features
• 120°*25.6° to cover a certain length of lanes and truck parking areas
• 0.1°*0.1° angle resolution to accurately identify pallet and container size, position
• High resolution and longer detection range enable better recognition of dry dock heights
• IP67 protection level, demonstrating high productization
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