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Low-altitude Economy Takes Center Stage: Benewake Shines at XPONENTIAL 2024


From April 22 to 25, XPONENTIAL 2024 played host to an international showcase of unmanned systems, featuring over a thousand exhibitors from more than 50 countries. The event, organized by the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), drew a multitude of cutting-edge companies and organizations from around the globe. Benewake made a notable entrance with its advanced TF series LiDAR, offering comprehensive solutions for drone altitude hold (altimeter) and obstacle avoidance, thereby energizing the burgeoning low-altitude economy.

DO-160G Certified Aviation-Grade LiDAR

Benewake's LiDAR stands out as the industry's sole range to have achieved DO-160G certification. This distinction underscores their exceptional performance, ensuring the safety and stability of drones in flight and during landing phases, and facilitating the broader adoption of drone technology.

According to the environmental test conditions, applicable test procedures, and evaluation criteria published by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA), the DO-160G certification process comprehensively and rigorously reviews and verifies dozens of system elements of Benewake's production and quality management from dimensions of quality, production, test and after-sales services. This includes organizational management, design data control, personnel capabilities and qualifications, supplier management, manufacturing process control, inspection, and testing, ensuring that every LiDAR unit meets the stringent aviation safety standards.


A New Era for LiDAR through Global Partnerships

China's advancements in drones, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced communications, and materials signal potential technological leadership in the low-altitude economy sector. The industry is increasingly recognizing that drone delivery could be the first practical application to materialize. Benewake's LiDAR have already been utilized in drone delivery projects by leading domestic Internet-based retail companies. These products have supported over 400,000 flight tests, accumulating more than 10,000 hours of flight time, and have facilitated over 58,000 delivery orders in cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai.

In the mature low-altitude ecosystems of Europe and North America, drones can complete emergency deliveries within two hours. This capability is crucial for emergency medical services, rescue operations, and time-sensitive deliveries. LiDAR technology plays a vital role in these scenarios, ensuring the safety and integrity of cargo by enabling drones to maintain a safe hovering altitude and preventing collisions, proving invaluable for the delivery of medications and other urgent items. Looking ahead, Benewake is committed to tailoring its aviation-grade LiDAR to the needs of urban flights at lower altitudes. This technology is set to cater to essential urban applications such as medical transport, and emergency rescue while opening up further opportunities for green mobility.


Benewake's participation in XPONENTIAL 2024 signifies a significant stride in the brand's international market expansion and has drawn global attention to China's technological prowess and innovative strides in LiDAR. Moving forward, Benewake aims to deepen its international collaborations, fostering innovation and development within the unmanned systems sector, and contributing to the prosperity of the global unmanned systems industry and the low-altitude economy.

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