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Source:Securities Daily
On September 3rd, Benewake (Beijing) Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as "Benewake") officially announced that its LiDAR ranging module has been used in mass production projects of passenger cars, marking that the Benewake LiDAR ranging module has met the vehicle-level standards and that domestic mass-produced passenger cars have taken a crucial step in using LiDAR technology.

Benewake provided the most energy-efficient and stable TFmini LiDAR ranging module for this domestically produced pure electric mid-size SUV, achieving the innovation of the first wireless remote control of the trunk to intelligent perception of the trunk opening.

On passenger cars equipped with Benewake's LiDAR, the LiDAR detects through the light signal sent out by the system and calculates the distance value through the built-in chip. As long as the distance value is within the set range, it can determine whether the car owner is at the trunk opening position. From now on, car owners can truly "free their hands" and experience the convenience and fun that LiDAR technology brings to life.

The technological breakthrough of this project comes from the high reliability, low error rate, mature core technology, and strong supply chain of the Benewake LiDAR solution.

"Entering the front-loading factory is the goal of most LiDAR companies. But there are many paths. Benewake chose to first let the LiDAR ranging module land in the automotive front-loading market. Let the product be polished repeatedly in large-scale production, and then promote the maturity of the 3D LiDAR with ranging and angle measurement functions as a whole, and finally fully enter the front-loading of high-speed autonomous driving." Benewake CEO Li Yuan said, "The rhythm of product development is very important, and we need to create a snowball effect. Benewake has decomposed a complex LiDAR into two parts: the ranging module and the ranging and angle measurement module, step by step into the front-loading car. Currently, the ranging module has completed process accumulation and quality and safety verification in commercialization. Next, we will achieve technological evolution through continuous polishing and deliver more safe and reliable 3D LiDAR products to customers."

"The powerful non-contact sensing technology of LiDAR has a huge driving force for the fields of rail transportation, road transportation, civil aviation, and robotics. Its entrance into the front-mounted passenger car market signifies that domestically produced LiDAR ranging modules have met the requirements of the automotive industry in terms of safety, supply capacity, quality, and cost control. Based on this, we will combine the ranging module and angle measurement module to launch the Horn-X2 3D LiDAR for vehicle and rail transportation. Benewake has always pursued the ultimate detection performance to make intelligent driving safer.

Benewake also announced that it will launch a multi-mode adjustable LiDAR product to meet the needs of the transportation industry customers, combined with its independently developed software platform to accurately perceive and predict traffic incidents, creating more intelligent, safe, and efficient solutions for the transportation industry." (Reporter/Li Chunlian) (Editor/Li Bo)


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